What kind of cardio blasts calories and fat?

I seem to get this question quite frequently. That answer is simple but the actual effort is not. Let’s start with a basic walk outside or on the treadmill. You walk for 30-45 min at a moderate to brisk pace and feel good and tired when finished. Here you’re burning around 250-500 calories, depending on your stats. Then that’s it! The body stops burning calories at the rate it was when you were walking and exercising.  Make sense? Ok, so now you want to really burn fat and don’t want to spend so much time doing cardio. The answer is HIIT (high intensity interval training)💥 explosive movements with short rest periods will blast fat and calories in a shorter time frame. Example: Run up a staircase as fast as YOU can, and then walk slowly down them, walk again for another set and repeat a fast paced run back up! Try to do a rest (continue to move - just slower) 2-3 min then 1 min as fast as you can muster. 20 minutes of this will burn calories at a much faster rate, but it doesn’t stop there! Your body will continue to burn at almost the same rate about 1-2 hours after that workout. So, if you did 20 min of HIIT and burned 300 calories, then more than likely within the next 2 hours you burned another 300+ 

Totaling 600 with only 20 min of actual work! Get it!?

One of my personal favorites for HIIT is ropes which I’ll post a video here and I couple them with treadmill sprints. Ropes 1 min, rest(walk around) sprints 1 min, rest (walk) and repeat for 15 mim! 


Summer is approaching! Blast fat faster with HIIT!

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