Why carbs and some Fats make the best Brain food 🧐🧠

Ok! So, we often think about our diet in terms of what it can do for our heart and our waistline, but the right nutrients also provide the fuel for the brain to operate properly. Yes!! I said it -carbs equal brain power 🧠💪🏻

The brain's primary source of fuel is carbohydrates,  Those carbohydrates are broken down into sugar in a form called glucose. Your brain uses glucose as its main source of energy.

That's why they say low-carb diets may not be best for your brain. Duh what? 😅

If you're not eating enough carbs, you're essentially restricting your brain from its fuel source it prefers. Where that one thing again? 😝

Those hoping for a quick nutrition fix to get smarter will be disappointed. You need to get an proper amounts of nutrition and macronutrients to sustain long-term health success. 

What to feed and not to feed your brain is 

 food rich in healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants for long-term brain health. And the more packaging, the worse the food is for your brain's health. Ewwww🙀

Healthy fats

Your brain is about 60 percent fat. Omega-3 is a type of healthy fat found in fatty fish, like tuna, salmon and mackerel. Those fats serve as the building blocks to your brain, so it's especially important for children to eat them.

Healthy fat sources are typically from non-animal products, though, like avocado, nuts, oil-based salad dressings and sunflower seeds, which are rich in Omega-3. 

Fruits and vegetables

Brightly colored fruits, like berries and oranges, and dark green, leafy vegetables have vitamins and antioxidants that prevent "oxidative damage" in your brain. Such damage can be caused by free radicals like cigarette smoke. You want to eat these foods throughout your day and life for long-term brain benefits😇

Fast food and packaged food 😖

Omega-6 is unhealthy fat that's found in fast food and processed, packaged food. Omega-6 can cause inflammation in the brain, which can slow you down mentally and physically. Limit these to a one time a month thing or for a fun occasion like McDonald’s for the kids 🥳

Happy, healthy 2020 everyone! Let’s make this the healthiest year yet 🏆🍀🍎🥑💧


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