Full Body Transformation Packages

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First off it is extremely important for each individual to understand this is a
LIFESTYLE change. NOT a diet!!! Within the program you will start to
undergo a series of transformations, both physically and mentally. Its an
awesome and VERY rewarding ride! My goal with each individual is to help
you change your relationship with food, dieting, self awareness and over all
making better choices for your life. Each person is different and needs
different nutrients, caloric intake, meal timings, and meal combinations. This is
why there is NO cookie cutter way and I strongly suggest not giving your plan to
anyone else. Your body’s needs are not the same as mine or your friend.
Throughout the plan, whichever you decide, you will learn about living a
more balanced lifestyle, gaining the tools to keep you on point for the rest of
your life! Literally! I will give you the tools-you have the choice to use them, or
not. That being said the 12 week plan is the most ideal, because it takes about 3
months to really break bad habits and start to really understand this process.
Scientific studies have shown it takes the body at least 30-45 days to adjust
metabolism levels and create stimuli for permanent change.
At any time can you add more weeks to your plan, or come back for a refresh or
quick start to your regimen. Now let’s get talking about what each plan


ALL Plans include the following:
*Meal Plan (will change weekly depending on your results and nutrition needs)
*Fitness Plan- weekly/monthly exercise plan for your fitness level
(home or gym)
*1x week 15 min conference call and weigh In to ensure you have support and
*Recipes for meals and snacks
*Grocery List/Supplementation List
*1x a week photos (so I can see how your meal plan is working on you)
I am the only one who sees these and they are strictly confidential
*Total Macro List of what you need on a daily basis (Calories, fat, carbs, etc.)

*Maintenance plan- once you reach your goal you will be given a FINAL meal
plan for your success into the future!
*Access to me by email or text throughout the week! (sometimes you just have
that “one” question!!

*RESULTS!!! Everyone gets results, EVERYONE!

Select a plan and let’s get started!!!